Who are they?

The Monkey Fightin’ Snakes are an alternative rock band from Toronto Canada… a little bit jamband-pop, a little world-folk-blues.
They play original songs with a “Classic Rock” sound.
Think “Grand Funk” meets “Elvis Costello” meets “Weezer” meets “Cream”.

“What happens when your mom is Neil Young’s first cousin and your dad is the nephew of legendary Canadian author Robertson Davies?
Well, you form a band of course…Monkey Fightin’ Snakes.
The result is a disc full of damn catchy tunes!!”
Andrea Morris, AM TO FM Promotions

The Monkey Fightin’ Snakes recently completed their debut album
Finish What You Star
with multi Juno Award winning producer Michael Philip Wojewoda…
all recorded live off the floor, through an old Neve desk to 2” tape, no click track, lead vocals and guitar solos captured within the take.

What do they want?

They are doing a formal vinyl record release with press and radio support and launching their summer tour.
They want your help to share their music.
If you are a club owner or booker they would like to play your club.
If you are a journalist they want your words to help tell their story.
If you work in radio they want to work with you to promote their concerts in your area.
If you like their music they want to help you share it freely with anyone who you think would enjoy it.

Here is some of the buzz so far:

“Monkey Fightin’ Snakes’ singer / guitarist Matthew Davies, as you might expect given his pedigree, is making his own contribution to the Canadian cultural scene.”
Gill Deacon, CBC Radio’s “Here and Now”

“Monkey Fightin’ Snakes could have played the California Jam in 1974.
They would have held their own against everyone else that weekend.  Even elevated it to new heights.”
Michael Phillip Wojewoda, Multi-Juno Award Winning Producer

“I can’t believe these tracks were done live to tape… I am blown away!!
Monkey Fightin’ Snakes are Sizzlin’!!!”
João Carvalho, Juno and Grammy Award Winning Mastering Engineer

“Infectious, catchy rock tunes with awesome extended jams.
If you like REAL rock music, you’ll love Monkey Fightin’ Snakes”
Andy Lowe, Booking Agent, 12 Bar Club, London England



From the album “Finish What You Star” by Monkey Fightin’ Snakes