Monkey Fightin’ Snakes are a blues rock band from Toronto Canada
They formed in 2011.

The members are:
Matthew Davies – Guitar, Dobro, Banjo, Ukelele, Pedal Steel, Lead Vocals and Songs
Dave Stoyles – Bass, Guitar, Button Box, Souzaphone, Trombone and Backing Vocals
Eric Szabo – Keyboards, French Horn, and Backing Vocals
Daniel Szabo – Drums, Percussion, and Guitar

Once upon a time, the nephew of legendary Canadian author Robertson Davies married Neil Young’s first cousin, Penny Young.

Those are Matthew’s parents. He’s been writing stories and songs his whole life.

In addition to being a straight ahead “Guitar – Bass – Keys – Drums” kind of band, they take their listeners on a journey with many dynamic highs and lows that feature other acoustic instruments like Dobro, Button Box Accordion, Ukelele and Trombone.

They just finished their 2nd album.

They are nice guys.


“What happens when your mom is Neil Young’s first cousin and your dad is the nephew of legendary Canadian author Robertson Davies? Well you form a rock band of course. And that is exactly what Matthew Davies, son of the aforementioned duo did. Matthew has been writing stories and songs his entire life. He started playing at age 5, wrote his first song at at 8 and had his first band at age 11.

Monkey Fightin’ Snakes is not Matthew’s first band, but it is his current project…And yes, they DID take their name from the film, “Snakes on a Plane.”   The band was formed back in 2011 when Matthew and Dave Stoyles started jamming. Dave had been playing many different musical instruments for years – button box accordion, souzaphone, trombone and guitar. Dave and Matthew played together for a couple of years and then they met the brothers Eric and Dan Szabo.

Unlike typical rock and roll stories, they did NOT meet in a bar. A mutual friend and bass player extraordinaire Robin Latimer knew that Matthew was looking for a keyboardist and she had been jamming with Eric and thought he’d be a good fit. She sent Eric a link to some of Matthew’s songs and he liked what he heard. Dave, Eric and Matthew jammed for a few months and since they needed a drummer, Eric suggested his little brother Dan and with that, they became Monkey Fightin’ Snakes.

The band describes itself as a little bit jamband-pop, a little world-folk-blues, a little new sound mixed with some classic rock sound.




“Monkey Fightin’ Snakes could have played the California Jam in 1974.
They would have held their own against everyone else that weekend.  Even elevated it to new heights.”
Michael Phillip Wojewoda, Multi-Juno Award Winning Producer

“Monkey Fightin’ Snakes’ singer / guitarist Matthew Davies, as you might expect given his pedigree, is making his own contribution to the Canadian cultural scene.”
Gill Deacon, CBC Radio’s “Here and Now”

 “I can’t believe these tracks were done live to tape… I am blown away!!
Monkey Fightin’ Snakes are Sizzlin’!!!”
João Carvalho, Juno and Grammy Award Winning Mastering Engineer

“Infectious, catchy rock tunes with awesome extended jams.
If you like REAL rock music, you’ll love Monkey Fightin’ Snakes”
Andy Lowe, Booking Agent, 12 Bar Club, London England

COVID causes the cancellation of all shows and tours.
The recording of the third album is postponed indefinitely, boo hoo…


This year is already starting to fill with some amazing good fortune.

Amp makers and tone-gods HIWATT are endorsing and giving tour support to Monkey Fightin’ Snakes 2018 Tour!!!
They are beautifully hand made and precision wired in the U.K., the way they’ve been since the 60’s and everyone who has ever heard one knows their legendary tone.

We will be serving up these tasty amps at shows in a handful of European countries and a healthy dose of Ontario and Quebec dates.

Details to follow soon. We can’t wait to play for you.

ALSO Exciting…
In preparation for the upcoming vinyl release of our debut album “Finish What You Star”, we recently completed the mastering for vinyl and re-sequencing with Grammy Award winner João Carvalho. We are now eagerly awaiting test pressings from California.
Because we recorded our album to tape, we got incredible “bottom end” and because the record clocks in at just over 19 minutes a side, we are going to have some bass-loving giant grooves on that vinyl!

In the spring of 2014 the band finished their first European tour, playing 7 dates in England, Germany and The Netherlands. The rest of 2014 saw the band play 13 more shows in Canada, including 6 shows with Astrid Young (Neil’s Sister) and Victor DeLorenzo of the Violent Femmes.

Their debut album “Finish What You Star” was produced by multi Juno Award winning producer Michael Philip Wojewoda and mastered by Grammy Award winning engineer Joåo Carvalho. The album was recorded live off the floor, through an old Neve console to 2” tape, no click track, lead vocals and guitar solos captured within the take.

The general consensus? They sound kickass.

Check out (and like!) their facebook page here:


Veronica Kutt at VK Artist Pro Management