Finish What You Star album cover

Gearing Up For Our Vinyl Record Release and Summer / Fall Tour

In preparation for the upcoming vinyl release of our debut album “Finish What You Star”, we recently completed the mastering for vinyl and re-sequencing with Grammy Award winner João Carvalho. We are now eagerly awaiting test pressings from California.

Because we recorded our album to tape, we got incredible “bottom end” and because the record clocks in at just over 19 minutes a side, we are going to have some bass-loving giant grooves on that vinyl!

We can’t freaking wait. Really.

We are starting to get a rough idea of how many shows and where we will be playing this year,
and it’s actually making sense on a map. With any luck, we will play about 25 shows on this tour.

As any of you who have ever tried to promote and organize your own tour well know…
it’s a “thousand emails, phone calls, texts, scraps of paper, words of mouths, friends of friends” kind of thing, and so it is a bit of a moving target…but dang it if we won’t try and play somewhere near you as soon as we can.

That said, if you know of a nice club, bar, tavern or theatre where you think we could play…
please email us. We would be very grateful.