2015 Summer Tour Underway and We Got Our Vinyl!

So far our shows in Toronto, St Catherines, and Wakefield have been a total blast.
Thank you so much to all of you who’ve come out to see us, we couldn’t and wouldn’t do it with out you.

We are pleased to announce that our first run of delicious vinyl has arrived and
we invite you to get it and throw a listening party. Our first record, “Finish What You Star…”
is a combination of rockers and ballads and I always kinda imagined that it would sound this way
and that I would record it the way my favourite rock records were made.

If you appreciate sonic quality and High Fidelity, you might like to know that our album was recorded
through a 1970’s Neve Console to 2″ 24 Track analogue tape, then mastered to 1″ 2 Track before going to vinyl lacquer.
We cut the tracks live off the floor to achieve a performance for each song. Some of these songs got a few overdubs added to the performance, while some songs on the record are just as we played them. Drums and Bass record extremely well to tape and have a wonderful tonal quality,  and the guitars get wonderful warm sustain. I recorded the guitars bi amped through a 1971 Fender Vibrolux
and a 1966 Pete Traynor Bassmate…just killer…and now available on vinyl!!!

We are really looking forward to our next batch of shows. On June 25 we are doing an internet streaming show through Concert Window and a live set at Sessions By The River in Fort Erie along with balladeer David Corely and his band.
Both David and us are playing songs from our brand new records, so it is going to be really cool.
Here is the link if you wanna tune in for $4 …four bucks is like a cup of coffee…


Saturday June 27 we are in Port Dalousie at Murphy’s opening for the Astrid Young Band.


Finish What You Star album cover

Gearing Up For Our Vinyl Record Release and Summer / Fall Tour

In preparation for the upcoming vinyl release of our debut album “Finish What You Star”, we recently completed the mastering for vinyl and re-sequencing with Grammy Award winner João Carvalho. We are now eagerly awaiting test pressings from California.

Because we recorded our album to tape, we got incredible “bottom end” and because the record clocks in at just over 19 minutes a side, we are going to have some bass-loving giant grooves on that vinyl!

We can’t freaking wait. Really.

We are starting to get a rough idea of how many shows and where we will be playing this year,
and it’s actually making sense on a map. With any luck, we will play about 25 shows on this tour.

As any of you who have ever tried to promote and organize your own tour well know…
it’s a “thousand emails, phone calls, texts, scraps of paper, words of mouths, friends of friends” kind of thing, and so it is a bit of a moving target…but dang it if we won’t try and play somewhere near you as soon as we can.

That said, if you know of a nice club, bar, tavern or theatre where you think we could play…
please email us. We would be very grateful.


Finish What You Star album cover

MFS 2014 Summer Tour

We had a great time on our European Tour, but there is no place like home. Our next tour, in support of the amazing and talented Astrid Young, is this summer from July 23 to August 3.


July 23, 2014 Gibson Lounge Toronto Details
July 24, 2014 This Ain’t Hollywood Hamilton Details
July 25, 2014 The Drake  Hotel Toronto Details
July 26, 2014 Rednersville Community Arts Prince Edward County Details
July 31, 2014 The Sanctuary Fort Erie Details
August 1, 2014 The Linsmore Toronto Details
August 3, 2014 The Neat Café Burnstown, Ottawa Details
August 16, 2014 London Music Club London Details


Monkey Fightin’ Snakes – European Tour – March 5 to 17, 2014

The Monkey Fightin’ Snakes (Leslieville, Toronto, Canada) are embarking on a Multi-national European Tour.

In conjunction with HIWATT and: Marc and the Millionaires (Germany), Rock Revolution Club (Finland), The Black Olives (Moldova).
Watch for us in a European City Near You.Shows:

March 06, 2014 12 Bar Club London, England Details
March 07, 2014 The Boars Head Kidderminster, England Details
March 12, 2014 12 Bar Club London, England Details
March 13, 2014 Spritzehaus Frankfurt, Germany Details
March 14, 2014 Cafe Koz Frankfurt, Germany Details
March 15, 2014 Rock Café De Engel Den Helder, Netherlands Details
March 16, 2014 12 Bar Club London, England Details