The latest word…

February 2017 –  Monkey Fightin’ Snakes finish their second album “Broken Off-Switch”
featuring 14 amazing new cuts.

Instead of having a featured rapper, our songs have what used to be called “Guitar Solos” Haha.

Tunes that could do radio?

we’re thinking


“Already Too Late”

“Cool Down”

“Miles Of Smiles

although there are so many… we  could be wrong…

Here are some quick adjectives to describe the songs:

Already Too Late – Dynamic Riff Rocker with  Bluesy vibe   good guitar solo

Cool Down – Edgey rock – nice hook in the chorus, blues breakdown

More Peace Please – an Instrumental featuring Dobro that bridges east and west, prejudice and compassion, and Cool Down and When You Take Me Away

When You Take Me Away – Blues rock with pop chorus

All Comes Back – Ballad, ’70s vibe

Miles of Smiles –  Hippy blues with Hard Rock Riff

DNA Hole – Straight ahead alt rock n roll- kinda “Weezer”.
Schizophrenic banjo and lead guitar!

Hallelujah It’s Today – Awesome old New Orleans Blues vibe.

Mrs. Simpson – Ballad about a repressed English housewife who trades sex for books with a travelling salesman. Think “The Who” circa 1966.

The Best You Got – Folk Rock anthem with some crossover dobro twang

Sally – Soulful Blues Rock with a hint of Exile On Mainstreet

Sooner Or Later – A recounting of a wonderfully smudgey night with a girl, including the dream.

There There – Folk Rock, Jam Band ending

Trying Too Hard – Edgey Rock, Big 1/2 time rock chorus, a little melancholy, but an uplifting conclusion to this record.